Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Rental Apartment makeover...need I say more?

If you live in a rental and want to do some temporary customizing, I've got the secret!!
Contact paper!!

I went a little crazy with the contact paper, I just couldn't help it!

Biggest tip - Don't get critical after you've "installed" your contact paper, there might be some bubbles &/or creases or overlapping just remember you are covering up ugly, rusted, yellowed, stuff that drives you crazy but you can't permanently change!

I couldn't stand my laundry room anymore. It was sooo unwelcoming and dark.  When I'm doing laundry I need some real coaxing to get me in there to begin with :)

So, I started with my rusty washer & dryer, then went to my cabinets, then light switch, then door, then floor, I'm telling you I went crazy! Yes, I did the floor and it is holding up!! This is a well traffic area and so far so good. (small disclaimer, this is all new to me, I searched the internet and found that other people did this as well, with much success.  Mine has been on a month and its been a month of happy instead of looking at yellow vinyl!)

I brought some happy into this place!  If your on the fence about a re-do, don't hesitate this is inexpensive so why not enjoy your home? 

I hung some material to cover up the gap below the cabinets, now it seems like there is a window there.

Contact paper makes my laundry room make over easy from

Laundry Room Makeover with Contact paper from
Contact Paper ROCKS my Washer & Dryer!

Want more easy DIY ideas, check out  SUPER HERO LIGHT SWITCH, wanna flirty  CHANDELIER,  got an old stove HOOD, everyone needs a Shangri la here's MINE and it's super easy to make! want easy art here's HOW...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VALENTINE'S DAY Present ...Clothespin craft

Everybody loves presents & fun mail, so I thought I would share this cute little clothespin crafty!

Pretty easy too, just some clothes pins, tiny pieces of paper, endless ideas & some glue.  I have to say, teeny, tiny detailed crafts aren't usually my thing but this is so cute, I just had to give it a try!!

Step 1
Make your "present" (or any fun shape) by cutting out a square.
...Cut the bottom half of your present and glue it to the bottom of the clothes pin.
(this takes a little wiggling the paper to make sure it lines up and looks seamless)
...Glue the top part of the present to the top of the clothes pin.  (wiggle paper to make sure you have it the way you want it)

Step 2
Now the "I love u" is a trapezoid shape (listen to me getting all "mathy") basically the shape of the clothes pin opening. 
...this gets glued to the back bottom half of the clothes pin

Check out this Clothes Pin Message, this is where I got this super cute idea, they also provide a great detailed tutorial for you.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Here's a fun little Valentine game to make that is easy & you probably have all the supplies right in your craft box!

Here's the easy peasy on this game:
Decorate an envelope and write the directions to the game:

Valentines games from

Draw a heart on a piece of paper & make atleast 2 sections; I only made 2 sections & named them "Cool Cat & Luv Bug" I'm sure you can get really silly with the names with the help of your little ones :)

Decorate a clothes pin (I got a bunch from the Dollar Store), I used a pink highlighter & a silver marker
Cut little tiny hearts out of paper and tuck them in the clothes pin (I had 4 hearts)
Squeeze the clothes pin over the heart and see where they land


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