Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dear Beautiful Mother Earth,

Today, I celebrate your beauty, and embrace the gifts that you provide.  I sheepishly admit I'm giddy when I smell the rain that is about to fall; I swoon at sundrenched animals basking on your terrain and the sparkly diamonds that glisten on your oceans.  I embrace the shade from your grateful, giving trees and eat your fresh fallen snow by the snowballful. I let your kind sleepy wind sway my swing and whisk me into a daydream.  Gentle Mother Earth please remind me of your beautiful gifts that touch my senses and forgive me when I don't cherish them...

Happy Earth Day to you and thank you!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Silhouettes...Upscaled & Makeover!

Hi Everyone!

I gave Nyla's silhouette a little makeover.  I figure we all need a makeover every now and again so why not our artwork :)

I used a previous silhouette and added a little paper heart barrette & necklace, how easy is that!!  Isn't she sweet? 


Easiest way ever to make silhouettes:
Print out a profile picture & cut it out
Tape that to the paper of your choice & cut out BAM 2 steps & your done! 

For other silhouette ideas check out Silhouettes Easy Peasy :)

Thanks for stopping by, I really love hanging out with you!
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Crafty Allie

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Here's something to try - Grab an old book or magazine, some markers, highlighters and have some fun celebrating National poetry month. 

We did this at our local library and really had a fun time.  It's a good way to get your poetry power and slip in a little reading with your kids.  

Just cut out some pages from old books or magazines, grab a marker (we used black but any color will do) & block the words you like, draw a line through the ones you don't. Highlight your blocked words to make them stand out.

I love how Nyla spiced hers up with a heart and cool red lines; mines a little on the conservative side compared to hers :)

Here are some other cool things to make with your old books Secret Agent Spy Stash  & try this Glad Book Game.

I'd love to read your rockin' poems!! Hey, I hope you have a really fun, creative day!

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